History of Building

Step back in time and experience the feel of a 19th century general store as you enter Coventry Arts and Antiques. In the winter you are greeted by a warm fire burning in the Modern Glenwood Oak stove.  The painted wooden shelves that line the main room are reminiscent of another era.

The store is believed to be the oldest continuously run general store in Connecticut with the original structure dating back to 1787.  The Greek Revival portion of the building was built c.1820.  Later, a butcher shop and grain room were added to the structure in 1883. 

The establishment was mainly owned by the Loomis family during the 1800s. In the early 1900s it was operated by the Wellwood family.  These periods were a busy time in Coventry’s industrial history when Mill Brook was providing water power to over 13 mills in the area. 

The W. L. Wellwood store closed in 1962.   The building continued to be used as a general store until the 1970s when it then became an antiques store. While the business has seen many owners overtime, it continues to be a local landmark in the center of Historic Coventry Village.