Collecting Glass

Affordable Glass Collecting at Coventry Arts & Antiques.

Do you love the allure of glass but can’t quite afford the Steuben, Tiffany, or Lalique piece that you may desire? It is comforting to know that there is affordable glass that can be collected which can bring the same joy and pleasure. When collecting glass, there are many points to consider when deciding on what piece meets your needs, preferences, and price point.


  • One factor I consider when choosing a piece of glass is color. Color can give a hint to the history and rarity of piece of glass. When you group glass by color it makes for an attractive display. I group milk glass with cobalt blue for a beautiful color contrast. Additionally, I also display art glass pieces by color in front of a window to make a strong visual statement. Cranberry, amber, amethyst, and ruby red are just a few of the colors you may decide to focus on for collecting.
Milk Glass Contrasting with Cobalt Blue

Shape and Texture

  • Shape and texture are also going to be a characteristic in deciding which piece to add to your collection. Will you be drawn to pattern glass or art glass? There are so many choices when it comes to shape and texture. You may collect only cut glass or you may decide pattern glass is more your preference. You may decide to limit your collection to only pieces of glass that are made by hand. If you choose to collect Depression glass, these pieces were made by machine. You can hunt for depression glass and art glass at antique stores, specialty shops, or at glass shows. Price will depend on the rarity of the color, shape, and condition.
Colorful Glass of Many Shapes and Texture Displayed in Window

Identification and Price Guide

  • One helpful tool in collecting glass is to have an identification and price guide. Having a reference will let you know if a piece is a rare find or whether it is over or underpriced. Depression glass pieces could be re-released patterns and may not be as old as you might think. A reference guide can be helpful in knowing what colors and patterns were reproduced. It is also fun to be able to identify pieces when you are out on the hunt!
Reference Guide for Collecting Depression Glass

Maker’s Mark

  • As you begin your collecting it may be hard to identify your glassware as not all pieces have a maker’s mark. It is exciting to find a piece that is marked or signed by the artist. Some people enjoy collecting Fenton or Westmorland glass as it is plentiful and not as expensive as some of your higher end pieces of glassware. I also find it helpful to familiarize myself with different maker’s marks as I continue to gain more knowledge about the many glass makers over time.

Uses in Your Home

  • You may decide to limit you collecting to only practical pieces that can be used in your home or your collection may be pieces that are just for show. At Coventry Arts and Antiques, we carry an assortment glass selection. You may find Mid-century barware, colored depression glass plates, and drinking glasses. In addition, you will find hand blown pitchers, figurines, and glass ornaments for decoration.